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Planning With Purpose

Over 8 weeks you'll learn to create, communicate and carry out an achievable and adaptable plan that will increase the impact of your fundraising efforts.

  • Video modules to follow at your own pace
  • Templates you can use to develop your own plan and budget
  • Lifetime access to all course materials
Building Your Case

How to Write a Case Statement

Learn how to build an effective and engaging Case Statement, while developing your storytelling skills to create a fundraising masterpiece that will connect donors to your good cause!

Take Control of your Data

Donor Database Essentials

In the non-profit sector, we can have a love/hate relationship with our fundraising data. And because of it, we don’t give it the attention it deserves. We know we need to align it with our fundraising activities and tighten up processes for reporting but we don’t know where to start. It all begins here.  

Help your board help you

Fundraising and Your Board

If engaging the board in fundraising was easy for staff or for board members, all of our boards would be masters at fundraising. Every organization would be raising truckloads of money! We can help you build better engagement with your board.


Fundraising staff, ED's, board members, senior program staff and senior fundraising volunteers

If you're a fundraiser, how can you enhance your organization's fundraising program through strategic planning, strong infrastructure and clear messaging?  

If you’re an executive director/CEO or senior program staff, what role do you play in fundraising to support your mission?  

If you’re a board member or senior fundraising volunteer, how you can be the most helpful in supporting fundraising in your organization?

Courses Overview

What You'll Learn

Today's Practices

Why we’re getting calls to practice philanthropy differently and what it means for you.

Board Models

The three types of boards or governance models and how each model impacts fundraising differently.


Recruiting board members and how initial conversations about their role in fundraising can make a difference to the future of your fundraising program. 

Types of Data

And why you need a donor database if you’re serious about raising money for your organization 

Types of Databases

How to choose the right data management system for your organization

Making the Move

How to prepare for a successful database migration – often a very daunting task! 

Selecting Your Case

The type of Case Statement you develop is determined by what you’re fundraising for, your objectives, and your audience.

Developing Your Case

Building a Case Statement involves a lot of different moving parts. Let us break it down for you in seven straight forward steps.

Integrating Your Case

Produce an exceptional fundraising product and learn how to integrate it within your own donor solicitation strategies.


About The Instructors

Thousands of students and millions of dollars raised for her clients later, Cathy Mann has a thing or two to share about the inner workings of running a successful fundraising program.

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