Online Course: Fundraising and Your Board

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Fundraising And Your Board

If engaging the board in fundraising was easy for staff or for board members, all of our boards would be masters at fundraising. Every organization would be raising truckloads of money!  

But. This. Is. Not. Easy.  

Cathy Mann, Founder and President of the Fundraising Lab and fundraising guru, is offering our first course ever on Fundraising And Your Board.  


Fundraising staff, ED's, board members, senior program staff and senior fundraising volunteers

 If you're a fundraiser, what are the things you need to do to support your board so they can be the most effective fundraising board 

If you’re an executive director/CEO or senior program staff, what role do you play in fundraising to support your mission?  

If you’re a board member or senior fundraising volunteer, how you can be the most helpful in supporting fundraising in your organization?

Course Overview

What You'll Learn

Today's Practices

Why we’re getting calls to practice philanthropy differently and what it means for you.

Board Models

The three types of boards or governance models and how each model impacts fundraising differently.


Recruiting board members and how initial conversations about their role in fundraising can make a difference to the future of your fundraising program. 


About The Instructor

Thousands of students and millions of dollars raised for her clients later, Cathy Mann has a thing or two to share about the inner workings of running a successful fundraising program.



An Amazing Opportunity

That’s a pretty amazing opportunity for you and your board.

Don’t miss out on the Fundraising And Your Board course or any of the other offerings that are part of our online course library. 


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