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Fundraising is an Art and a Science

To be successful at fundraising, you need practical skills and best practices. You also need to think strategically, be flexible and build relationships.

We can help you learn and apply the practical skills you need to raise more money for your organization's mission.

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You Believe in Social Change

But you work in a complex environment. There are lots of funders but not enough funds. Growing needs with fewer resources. New challenges as long-standing issues have yet to be addressed.

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We Get It

As a staff member or volunteer for a charity or nonprofit, you feel like you could be raising more, deepening relationships with donors and engaging even more people...

But you don’t know where to start.

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Start With Us

Whether it’s via our online learning or customized consulting, we take complex processes and break them down into achievable actions.

Fundraising is Complex

Our Approach is Simple

Fundraising is a dynamic profession with many different disciplines. Our learning journey model is designed to meet you where you are to help you plan the best course of action to raising more money for your unique mission.


About Cathy Mann | President

26 years in fundraising, thousands of students and millions of dollars raised for my clients later…

 and I have a thing or two to share about the inner workings of running a successful fundraising program.

Whether it's through one-on-one consulting or our online resources, I’ll share secrets from over 25 years of fundraising to help support and guide you in raising more money.

Meeting with Cathy about the development of the fundraising plan was part fundraising lesson, part therapy session.

So much of fundraising is about how to engage people. And frankly, I needed help to overcome my own fears or challenges that stemmed from being new in the role. Having someone with Cathy’s calm and reassuring words helped me confirm that I was heading in the right direction. And I loved hearing Cathy tell stories about her experiences – both good and bad.

Heather Jobe | Ontario SPCA, Renfrew County

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The 10 Things Executive Directors Need to Know

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In ten-steps you'll learn how-to incorporate fundraising into your mission, support your staff and board by setting clear expectations, and fundraise in a way that works for your personality.

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