The Fundraising Lab

The future of charitable fundraising at your fingertips 


Fundraising is an art and a science

To be successful at fundraising for causes, you need to learn the practical skills and best practices to get your fundraising program off the ground. But you also need to learn how to think strategically, be flexible and build relationships.

We're here to help you learn both. 


Raise more money. 

One step at a time. We take the complexity out of fundraising by breaking material down into manageable steps. 

In each course you will be provided with step-by-step instructions and have plenty of opportunities to ask questions if you get stuck. 


All learning opportunities are interactive, complete with question and answer opportunities, group calls or 1:1 instructor mentorship so that you get the attention you need to succeed. 


We encourage experimentation, this is the Fundraising Lab after all! But what we want most is for you to learn the fundamentals, so that when it comes time, you can break the rules intelligently. 


We're passionate about embarking on a shared learning journey - we're all in this together! Learn from the experiences and challenges of other fundraisers as you progress through your course together. 

Tried and tested.

All of the material and approaches shared in our courses have been developed and tested through decades of front-line fundraising and teaching in colleges and universities.

Our innovative approach to teaching ensures you are prepared for the challenges fundraisers face today.


Are you feeling overwhelmed with the complexity of fundraising and unsure where to focus your time and energy? Get the tools to help you raise more money in support of your mission today!


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