Fundraising Tips that Work

4 Steps to Fundraising Success

Welcome to the the Fundraiser's 4-Step Learning and Action Journey Guide. 

The Learning and Action Journey is a common path that fundraisers follow as they move through their careers. In this guide I share helpful tips that align with each stage of this journey.

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Step 1: I Can Do This!

You’re enthusiastic and have some experience working or volunteering in the sector. However there are a lot of things you’re not familiar with or aware of: about the job, the sector and the profession. But you’re keen to learn.

Tip: Find a Mentor!

Step 2: Building the Plane While Flying It

You’ve been at it for a while now and have learned so much. In fact, you might a bit overwhelmed. There is so much to do and still you have to raise money! You’re keen to learn even more.

Tip: Find Sponsors, Not Just Mentors

Step 3: I've Got This!

You’re feeling more confident than ever, but maybe you secretly harbour the fear that you’re an impostor. You know how to do most of your job, but there are still some elements and disciplines that require a lot of effort.

Tip: Develop a Personal Board of Directors

Step 4: Mastery

You know how to do your job. But as you become more adept, you are presented with new challenges and opportunities and the circle starts all over again. Don’t get cocky! Mastery requires effort to keep up.

Tip: Be the Change

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