What’s the Value of a Fundraising Plan?

Mar 17, 2022

So, last week we talked about why we need to plan 

To refresh, we need to plan because it’s the best way you can meet that year-end financial target.  

But it’s not just planning – it's formalizing a fundraising plan.  

And there’s great value in developing a plan because you have all of your initiatives mapped out under one big umbrella. 

Don't ya love beach umbrellas!

Whether you do direct mail, special events (in person or virtual!), foundation grants...the list goes on...it’s all in one plan.  

And developing that plan will take time.
It will take focus.
And you need to put a lot of thought into it.

You need to be strategic.
And see the big picture.
You also need to dive in to the details and lay out your tactics.  

When you dedicate that time, you’ll come to understand:  

  1. What you’re currently doing that is working well
  2. What needs to be improved on 
  3. What you need to stop doing - because it’s not working!  
  4. What programs you can implement (cause you've stopped doing the stuff that isn't working)

Last week, we chatted about some folks not believing they need a plan – either it's in their head, they track it through a budget or they just know.  

But here’s the #1 reason why we plan:  

So that you focus your time on the things that will give  
you the biggest bang for your buck.  


That’s the value of building a fundraising plan.  

Yours in fundraising,  

The folks at The Fundraising Lab 

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