Expanding the Fundraising Lab!

Aug 31, 2020

I started the Fundraising Lab in the fall of 2019 as an addition to my consulting business, Cathy Mann & Associates, as a way to offer affordable digital fundraising courses.

The past year of building the Fundraising Lab alongside my work with Cathy Mann & Associates has changed the way I think about the fundraising consulting space.

I started my consulting practice 13 years ago to help social change charities raise more money to serve their important missions.

Today, the Fundraising Lab is the new iteration of that commitment to the sector.

The Fundraising Lab will now be offering customized consulting for groups or individuals interested in high touch-point, personalized support. By combining our online learning platform with 1:1 consulting, we will be able to support more groups and individuals wherever they are on their fundraising learning journey. AND I'm doing this all with an incredible, growing team!

After 13 years in the trenches, I’ve worked with so many clients. I’ve seen trends. I’ve seen change in the sector. And I’ve learned so much. Which is why I want to create more space to reach more people and help more missions address the wicked problems in our society.

I’m proud that I have long-lasting relationships with so many past clients. And I’ve been grateful that folks reach out to me for support, even when we’re not formally working together anymore.

In my consulting work, clients have told me one of my super powers is that I dole out information in small increments so they can absorb and then apply it successfully and sustainably. That’s my teacher/coach background showing up in my consulting.

And my years of consulting and front-line fundraising work informs and influences my teaching. With the Fundraising Lab, I get to combine my two super powers.

Offering fundraisers the ability to formally continue their learning journey by taking Fundraising Lab courses or joining Spark (our online fundraising mentorship and coaching community), in addition to providing customized consulting to help clients make a serious change to their fundraising is the type of work I want to be doing to build a strong and accessible community for fundraisers.

If you're reading this and interested in pursuing your fundraising learning journey, I hope you will explore what our updated website has to offer or get in touch if you want to discuss opportunities for further collaboration.  

Together, let's create more space for fundraising professionals to thrive. 



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