Finding a Mentor | Tip of the Morning to You!

Jul 09, 2020

Welcome to my series: “Tip of the Morning, to you!” where I share a quick tip about the Fundraiser’s 4-step Learning and Action Journey I created and that you can find in my online Membership Community, Spark.

It’s a common path that fundraisers follow as they move through their careers. It’s a learning journey because the best fundraisers I know never stop learning. And I’ve added in the action part because fundraising requires us to raise money, so we have a lot to DO, too.

Step 1: I Can Do This!

You’re enthusiastic and have some experience working or volunteering in the sector. While you bring a lot of skills to the job, there are a lot of things you’re not familiar with or aware of: about the job, about the sector and about the profession. But you’re keen to learn.

Tip #1: FIND A MENTOR. Fundraising is such a broad profession with so many disciplines, that it’s hard to know where to start your journey. So, find a mentor and ask for guidance. We are a collegial bunch willing to share. Let someone offer you the lessons learned from having already travelled some of the journey before you.

You can also consider joining Spark, my membership community where you have access to me, resources and a community of fellow fundraising travellers who want to help raise everyone’s fundraising game.

Stay tuned for future posts where I’ll share more tips for those at every step of the Fundraiser’s Learning and Action Journey.

Want to see the entire Learning and Action Journey in a really cool little chart? Click here to download the entire guide.


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