Finding a Sponsor | Tip of the Morning to You!

Aug 13, 2020

Tip of the Morning to You!

Cathy here, president of the Fundraising Lab. Today's tip is for those at Step 2 of their fundraising journey, which I refer to as "Building the Plane While Flying It". You’ve been at it for a while now and have learned a lot, but you may be a bit overwhelmed. And as always, you still have to raise more money.

Tip #6 is to to find sponsors, not just mentors. Credit where credit is due. I heard about this notion from Lacey Kempinski, who was interviewing Megan Tregunno, who credits Colleen Moorehead with this concept. She said it succinctly: mentors talk to you. Sponsors talk to AND about you.

Sponsors chat you up to their networks. They help you be seen and acknowledged in your community. But their reputation becomes linked to your reputation if they are chatting you up to others in the community. So, honour the trust they have placed in you by delivering.

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