Lessons in Resiliency and the Way Forward

Feb 18, 2022

You know when you’re witness to a pivotal conversation? This is one of them.  

Cathy Mann is joined by special guest, Sharon Redsky from Redsky Fundraising. Sharon is a resident of Winnipeg and First Nation member of Shoal Lake #40. She has extensive experience in working with Indigenous-led organizations and was awarded the YMCA-YWCA Women of Distinction, Community Champion Award in 2017. 

Cathy and Sharon sit down to talk about resiliency, correcting disparities and the need for right relations. 

Indigenous people have always been philanthropists and active in taking care of each other and Mother Earth. But years ago, through colonization and legislation, the government was very deliberate in their actions in removing our connection to giving.  

In 2018, Sharon wanted to understand the role philanthropy could play in connecting us so she worked with other leaders in the indigenous and philanthropic communities to do a study. 

What became clear was that philanthropy had a part to play in reconciliation. And there are barriers that we must overcome - a lack of understanding, connection to community and opportunities to build respectful relationships.  

Philanthropy can decrease these barriers between us and build hope for the future.  

One other truth that came out of the study: for every $178 raised, only $1 was going to indigenous communities.  

There’s a lot more to hear...so have a listen.  


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