Heteropatriarchy on Fire?? Learnings from a newbie podcaster

Dec 07, 2018

I mean, come on.. who calls a podcast Heteropatriarchy on Fire? Well, I do. And I’m loving all of the really interesting things I’m learning and the challenging conversations I’m having and the belly laughs I’m sharing as I interview some leaders in the world of philanthropy.

The podcast is actually called It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask (itdoesnthurttoaskpodcast.com) and this season, I’m interviewing Shift Disturbers in Philanthropy. Heteropatriarchy on Fire, which I mentioned above, is the title of episode two, in which I interview Dr. Krishan Mehta.

Here’s what I’m learning: there is a shift in the philanthropic sector, if you look for it. There is still a lot of traditional philanthropy going on quite successfully. And for those groups that can continue to have success with the traditional approaches, that’s awesome. But there are groups and individuals for whom the traditional, tried and trued approaches aren’t enough anymore. And there are new pressures and new approaches that cannot be ignored, even by traditional philanthropy practitioners.

Along with my Associate and podcast producer, Anne LeMesurier, we set out to have conversations – and a bunch of laughs – with leaders who are doing things differently. Folks who are shifting or challenging established patterns. In essence, I’ve been talking shift with everyone who comes on the show.

So far, I’ve had guests challenge fundraising orthodoxy like:

– it’s ridiculous that it should take 18-24 months to secure a major gift. The issues we’re dealing with are too pressing and if you offer donors the right thing, donors will say yes more quickly (check out episode 1, Radical Generosity, with Sharon Avery).

– diversity isn’t important… and other cage rattling observations. It is important for us to question the status quo, but what’s more important is the conversation we need to have around equity and truth (for more on this, check out episode 2 with Dr. Krishan Mehta).

– your mindset may be holding your organization back from raising more money and achieving your mission. Can you have a bigger impact if you explore some of your unexamined beliefs and values around money? How you feel about money, your values around money and the stories you tell yourself about money may be contributing to your organization’s ability to raise – or not raise – money in support of your mission (listen to episode 3 with Lisa Watson)

There will be more shift disturbing episodes airing each Thursday from now until early 2019. If you’re doing things differently or aspire to, I hope you’ll check out the podcast. Because if you look for it, shift happens!

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